Nathalie who are you?

I am a coach and passionate financial expert.

Where do you work?

Today I work as a solo entrepreneur from home or at my clients place. I used to work in banks for more than 25 years.

What do you offer?

I coach individuals around the financial and investment theme.

What is the difference between you as a coach and a consultant?

A consultant or advisor tells the client what to do. The client will decide based on these suggestions.

As a coach I accompany my clients to get unbiased views. They explain their problems and goals. They get committed in the process. The client gets clarity to take his own decision.

Still, why should one need you as a financial and investment coach?

I want my client make meaningful long lasting decisions. It must be coherent along with his or her personality, needs, preferences and practice.

This sounds like lot of work, doesn’t it?

Yes of course. The topic is connected to your life. So think of the time you like to spend on which car you buy, where you go on holiday, which furniture you would like to have. Well I am motivated that you allocate a good portion of it for your financial future and security.

And what else?

There are value streams and benefits outside the original criteria.

How can I understand this?

For example you will learn to focus on relevant and important things. So you kick out the unnecessary. Your benefit is a clear mind and time left.

Another example is that things have been done. You feel released and will sleep during the night.

You will apply your new knowledge in different life situations. You will be proud since your actions will be balanced with your conscience.

Thank you Nathalie.